Dog Handling 17. Seminar on 25. April 2020 | CANCELED

Seminar date: 

Saturday, 25. April 2020 - 9:30 to 17:00

Course fee: 

55,00 €





Dear seminar participants,

For a long time we have been monitoring the Corona exceptional situation in the media. So far, the decrees, bans of the individual federal states in the form of assemblies, gatherings of people and training also apply to our seminar on 25. April 2020.
Our federal government will probably only issue new decrees, bans and repeals on April 19. April 2020. We are currently planning to cancel the seminar on 25. April 2020. We therefore do not consider postponing the seminar.

You are interested in the 17th Dog Handling Seminar on 25. April 2020, then please use our Registration Seminar Form or call us personally at: +49 (0) 5083 91 21 03 or +49 (0) 152 299 103 60. We will advise and inform you at any time gladly. We ask for a timely registration.

The Dog Handling Seminar will be held from 09.30 to 17.30 clock. Consisting of theoretical and practical training. The seminar is limited to 20 participants, based on the justification that successful participation can be guaranteed. During the training individual training for certain processes is possible. Each participant will receive a certificate of attendance. Each dog must have a dog liability insurance. Welcome are dogs of all breeds.

Further information about our Dog Handling Seminars can be found [click here]

Training location: Tiergarten 1, 29362 Hohne-Germany, parking on site.

"Anderer´s" Gasthaus & Hotel Hohne , Homepage [click here]
"Landhotel Allerparadies", Langlingen, Homepage [click here]

Pitches for campers, on-site electricity no water connection: Am Schwimmbad 23, 29362 Hohne-Germany, Homepage [click here]

Campsite: Am Allerstrand, Offensener Str. 2a, 29342 Wienhausen/Schwachhausen-Germany, Homepage: [click here]
Campsite "Alte Wassermühle", Mühlenstraße 46a, 29393 Groß Oesingen-Germany, Homepage: [click here]

For the seminar, we charge a fee of 55,00 € per team.

Teaching content for Dog Handling

  • Theoretical training part 1

Requirements for exhibitors and dog
VDH exhibition Regulations
VDH Title and championship awards
Anatomy by practical examples

  • Theoretical training part 2

Dog leash leadership
Basic Obedience
View of the scissors teeth
Basic foundation of standing
Use of treats and dog toys
Sequences in the show ring
Explanation of different judges reports
Team work with the dog

  • Training objective

Joint development of processes and the exhibition rules to know. Acquire knowledge of anatomy and recognize the different championships awards in Germany.

  • Practical training Part 1

Various processes in the show ring and learn to use
Automation of exhibiting
Basic concepts and rules into account
Rules of fairness

  • Practical training Part 2

Arrival at the exhibition
Present at the dog shows
Correct entry of the dog in the show ring & Dog Handlers
Correct presentation of the dog & Dog Handlers in the movement, and when you show him
Correct presentation of the dog & Dog Handlers for the semi-finals (Best male/best female)
Correct presentation of the dog & Dog Handlers for the final (BOB)

  • Training objective

Participants will gain the basic knowledge and learn this put the handling in practice. The future Dog Handler and dog exhibition is to act as a team.

Equipment (Should be carried by the participant)

  • Dog box
  • Dog blanket
  • Treats
  • Dog Toys
  • Collar
  • Leash
  • Show leash (if available)
  • Pavilion / tent (if available)
  • Weatherproof clothing & sturdy shoes


Mr. Michael Lehmann, Dalmatian breeder, special breed judge race Dalmatian, certified dog trainer and is currently the most successful German Dalmatian Dog Handler.


There have already been several times Dog Handling seminars, which I have as a speaker and instructor acts, performed successfully [click here]

Training method

With and without tools, without coercion, so that the dog is happy and motivated cooperates.

Requirements for Foreigners

Anyone who has joy and fun to present his dog on dog shows. The seminars are conducted in the German language. To enter in these seminars, you need to knowing the German language.

Deadline (CANCELED)

Is the 11th April 2020