About us

The beautiful castle of Celle with its castle theaterWe, that is my dear wife Karola Lehmann, a Dalmatian breeder from the kennel "vom Teutoburger Wald" and I, Michael Lehmann, a Dalmatian breeder from the kennel "Christi ORMOND Dalmatians." Since May 2006 we live together with our 6 Dalmatians in the beautiful Niedersachsen / Germany, situated in the very rural Hohne - Spechtshorn, about 25 km east of the beautiful baroque city of Celle.

About myself

 My first offspring male Christi ORMOND Coppola and me

My Dogs / Breeding - How it all began:
In our family we've always had dogs so I was the love given to those animals already in the cradle.
During my 12 years of service with the army I learned the trade of explosives master, explosive ordnance and Dog Trainer (BFD). Within that framework, I trained explosives detection dogs and drug dogs. After my service, I was still active in mine clearance, as project manager and responsible for training mine dogs. Furthermore, I graduated a study sanipractors for dogs.

Anja, Porter, Mocha, and Calypso

My first Dalmatian

As part of my professional life as an explosive ordnance manager I had in the years 2000-2002 by a mine project as project manager in Croatia, where I also met Anita & Zejlko Radic, a breeder from the famous Dalmatian kennel "Lacrima Christi Dalmatians". Very pleased with this wonderful incomparable race, I decided to take the Dalmatian male "Lacrima Christi Calypso" with me. Eight months later came the Dalmatian female "Anja" (called Dalina) to us, because I think it is very important that dogs act in a pack and grow up together. 2003 was my little pack with the Dalmatian bitch "Mochaccino Dalmatian Dream" and in 2005 by the Dalmatian "Lacrima Christi Cro A Porter" enlarged.

The development of my kennel

Coppola, Hope, Mocha, SilasIn 2002 I briefed me fully on the breeding and genetics, and had in Anita and Zeljko Radic excellent advisers who stood to the side and I have always supported me and advised in all breeding matters. In 2004 we had the first litter, the so-called A-litter.

The rise of my kennel name "Christ ORMOND Dalmatians" has a historical and traditional background.

Since all my dogs from the above strain or in conjunction with the Kennel "Lacrima Christi Dalmatians" standing, I could take after consulting with family Radic part of their kennel name, namely the Christi.
The English have the pedigree dog breeding "Dalmatian" crucial pushed forward. In England there is a Castel with the name ORMOND. Thus, our kennel name "Christi ORMOND Dalmatians" This is since 2003 internationally by the FCI protected.

Two kennels under one roof

Our lucky charm: Int. Champion Lacrima Christi Cro A PorterIn the autumn of 2005, pioneered a big change in my life. Karola Lange, the breeder Dalmatians "vom Teutoburger Wald" connection with me because they had encountered in finding a suitable stud dog for your bitch "Jameela vom Teutoburger Wald" on my "Porter". Then she wanted to meet Porter in his happy home environment to make sure of its proper essence, she visited me along with her friend Angela Mikus, the breeder Dalmatians "aus dem Leopoldstal".

Agreed from the outset "chemistry" between Karola and me, it has developed in the months that followed, a wonderful, unique relationship, so that Karola in Bielefeld / Germany in May 2006 from her home to me moved to Hohne to beautiful Niedersachsen / Germany. So it came about that now "two breeding kennels under one roof" are, namely my "Christ ORMOND Dalmatians" and Karola's Dalmatians "vom Teutoburger Wald".

My wife

My wife Mrs. Karola Lehmann with her male Ozone left and her female Latoya rightMy wife Karola is a trained judicial clerks and comes from North Rhine-Westphalia, where it already in 1994 at their then-residence Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock near Bielefeld, situated directly on the Teutoburg Forest, their Dalmatians Breeding under the prefix started Dalmatians "vom Teutoburger Wald". Since moving into my beautiful Niedersachsen / Gemany in 2006, it conducts its successful breeding "vom Teutoburger Wald" in Hohne - Spechtshorn continued. To our delight, the Higher Regional Court Celle Karola could find a job in their learned profession.

On 19. march 2010 we got married.
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Thanks Karola's long experience and thorough knowledge of puppy breeding, genetics and exterior of different bloodlines of our race, I could still learn a lot from her. So we complement each other wonderfully, and is jointly operated with heart and soul and mind, using all our knowledge, our favorite hobby and support each other in our efforts to breed genetically sound, tempered, typey and standard Dalmatians, preserve the breed, and - if possible - improve. Karola continue supporting me with their photographic skills and their talent for graphic design when creating my website through their wonderful Dalmatian photos.

In a video we want to introduce you to our kennels

Christi ORMOND Dalmatian (Michael Lehmann) and Dalmatian vom Teutoburger Wald (Karola Lehmann)

Scoure: DVD Meister Petz TV | In cooperation with the  Verband für das Deutsche Hundewesen (VDH) produces.

Our acquired knowledge we would like to pass on to our puppy buyers and all interested parties, which is made possible by our listed below references that underline our common expertise:

Karola Lehmann
"Dalmatian vom Teutoburger Wald"

  • Breeding experience since 1994
  • Breeding of numerous Champions
  • Tested breed warden for the breed Dalmatian
  • In-depth expertise in Kynologie, genetics, breeding, showing, breed specific nutritional
  • Presentation of the Badge of Honour in Silver for many years of outstanding breeding activity
  • Professional dog photography, creating photo montages & image editing

Michael Lehmann
"Christi ORMOND Dalmatian"

  • Breeding experience since 2003
  • Breeding of numerous Champions
  • Certified dog trainer
  • In-depth expertise in Kynologie, genetics, breeding, showing, breed specific nutritional
  • Most successful Dalmatian-Doghandler Germany
  • Implementation of Dog Handling, Dog Training seminars & lecturing
  • Regional group leader of the regional group north (DZGD e.V.) from November 2012 till January 2020, support of 55 members and 17 kennels
  • 1. Chairman (provisionally) Dalmatian Club (DZGD e.V.) from February 2021 till November 2021, support of 257 members and 83 kennels
  • Since February 2023 Judge Chairman Dalmatian Club (DZGD e.V.)
  • Manager for dog shows
  • FCI/VDH Special breeding judge for the race Dalmatian

Unsalaried activities

Welcoming the judge Mr. Leos Jancik from the Czech RepublicI was an honorary capacity as regional group leader of regional group north in the Dalmatian • Breeding • Community Germany e.V. (DZGD e.V.) from November 2012 till January 2020. Support of 55 members and 17 kennels. I was 1. Chairman (provisionally) Dalmatian Club (DZGD e.V.) from February 2021 till November 2021, support of 257 members and 83 kennels. I am still honorary capacity as manager of dog exhibitions and I am FCI/VDH special breeding judge for the race Dalmatian. My wife is working as a volunteer breed warden for the race dalmatian.

Summer Festival | Harz Festival Regional Group North of the DZGD e.V.

In the years from 2012 till 2019 we carry out the Regional Group Dog Show for the race Dalmatian with plenty of outdoor area for dogs. There was also be an outdoor enclosure so that the dogs could move freely. The area offers excellent opportunities for going for a walk with the dogs. In addition, there was a parking place for the Exhibitors and visitors have a separate parking place. For the physical welfare provided the Dog Sports Club VDH Schöningen e.V. Framework Programme: Breakfast tent for exhibitors and visitors, calling-in of judges by Convoy, agility course possible throughout the day (Lead Dog Sports Club Spezialtrainer for agility), barbecue for lunch, coffee and cake tent, Raffle, Big final BEST OF BREED with convoy.
Here some videos from our dog shows:

Activities Dog Handling Seminar

Dog Handling SeminarOn the 1 or 2 times annual "Dog Handling Seminar" from "ORMOND team" on which interested the exhibition industry brought the general interaction with the dog closer as a team, we are closely involved, Karola, in her capacity as a keen photographer and I as trainers in theory and practice of the registered to the seminars Dalmatians and other breeds.

Activities Dog Training Seminar

Dog Training SeminarOn the 1 or 2 times annual "Dog Training Seminar" from "ORMOND team" on which interested the guiding beings brought the general interaction with the dog closer as a team, we are closely involved, Karola, in her capacity as a keen photographer and I as trainers in practice the trade to the seminars Dalmatians and other breeds.

Our operations to promote the race

Breed Group Lacrima Christi Dalmatians World Dog Show Poland 2006We like to visit Dog Shows at home and abroad to our Dalmatians by competent to be judged on this specially-trained judges to discipline. Because only then can we know whether we have done everything right in the discipline. Of course, we support our puppy owners to pass on to Dalmatians exhibitions and are interested in breeding, in an advisory capacity with many tips in practice and theory, and try our best knowledge.