General Informations

You should ask yourself these questions to see, if you are ready for a Dalmatian

Only if you can answer each of the following questions with "yes", you should buy a Dalmatian. A thorough education from an early age as so essential for any dog for the Dalmatian. The Dalmatian is in principle very well as a family dog and is generally easily for children. The Dalmatians are tireless playmates. The Dalmatians need plenty of movement. When they do not get this, they are unbalanced.
Do all members of your family want a dog? Is anybody in your family allergic to dog hair? Do you want to spend nearly all of your free time for your dog in the next 10-15 years? Is anybody at home for the most time of each day? Are you aware that a dog is a family member and his training needs a lot of time, reliability and patience and that you have to be consequent in everything you do? Do you like to spend your time in nature, regardless of weather conditions? Are you a sportive and active person? Do you have enough money for vet’s fees, items of equipment, food, insurance etc.? (you’ll spend per month about 100 € for your Dalmatian). Can you live with a lot of short white dog hair on the floor, on the clothes and in the car etc.? (Dalmatians shed the whole year). If you rent a flat or a house, does your landlord agree to have a Dalmatian?

How to find a responsible breeder

Take a lot of time and visit more than one breeder to choose the right one. It is important that the puppies live as a part of the family and not outside in a dog kennel run. It doesn’t matter how clean such a dog kennel run is. Their environment should be diversified and provide the opportunity to make the puppies familiar with their environment. This includes among other things appropriate dog toys and chewing materials. Puppies, which are imprinted appropriately, are excited to meet visitors and are faithful and happy to greet them!! They should be well fed and look very content and healthy. If puppies are shy and anxious, you should watch out!!
A breeder should show the following things to you:

  •  pedigree of the puppy’s parents (approved by the official national kennel club, VDH, Germany)
  •  HD (hip displasia) test and Hearing Assessment Testing
  •  document with the official permission to breed

A responsible breeder has enough time for you and will verify whether you are the right one for his puppy. If you don’t want to breed or to go to shows, he won’t sell the most expensive one to you. He’ll give you advices in an honest way and doesn’t give or sell to you the puppy immediately. In order to find and buy the right puppy for you, who fulfils your needs, you should make a couple of visits, upon approval by the breeder.

Our hint is that you should take your time for making a decision and please don’t think about saving money, because with this behaviour, you could support certain dog dealers who abuse dogs!!

There is a so-called "Code of Ethics for breeders"

( after any reputable breeder should act )

The breeder sees himself as an expert for dog ownership in general, and for "his race" in particular. The same knowledge he appropriates therefore.

The conditions for the breeding approval of breeding dogs to be understood as a minimum, that (if possible) should be exceeded. Interested parties are honest advice. They prove to be unsuitable for dog ownership, the chosen race or the desired sex of the puppies is strongly discouraged.

Physiologically, beings moderate or anatomical "problem areas" of their own race (and their own dogs!) can not be concealed, but openly addressed.

The puppies are raised in all phases of development according to the latest scientific findings and to optimize it to shape and prepare them for their future career.

Bred is no longer, can be raised as optimal and vermitelt in best hands. Several litters should be avoided in rapid succession or simultaneously, therefore, if there is not enough time, care and prospects.

The breeder is the new owners also an advisory capacity, when problems with the dog should occur later.

The breeder strives by all sides to loyalty, objectivity, integrity and openness.

The welfare of his race and his dog has to stand for the breeder in all decisions in the foreground.

Information about "proper" breeders can be obtained at the following addresses

Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI)
13 Place Albert I, B-6530 Thuin / Belgien

Verband für das Deutsche Hundewesen (VDH)
Postfach 104 154, Westfalendamm 174
D-4441 Dortmund
Phone: (0) 231-56 5000 (+49 Germany)

Dalmatiner Verein Deutschland e.V. (DVD)
1. Chairman Jürgen Rotsch, Klosterberg 14
D-17291 Gramzow
Phone: (0) 39861 488 (+49 Germany)

Dalmatiner Zucht Gemeinschaft Deutschland e.V. (DZGD)
1. Chairman Andrea Mansch, Strasse des Friedens 13b
D-04564 Böhlen
Phone (0) 175 8695902 (+49 Germany)

Club Für Dalmatiner-Freunde e.V. (CDF)
1. Chairman Michael Jäger, Obere Lauterstr. 21
D-67731 Otterbach
Phone: (0) 6301 30 00 50 (+49 Germany)