Presentation FCI | VDH breeding judge

Presentation FCI | VDH breeding judge

FCI | VDH breeding judge Michael LehmannFirst name: Michael
Surname: Lehmann
Date of birth: 07th November 1965
Place of birth: Hannover
Nationality: German
School education: Secondary school
Language skills: German | English
Vocational training: Commercial apprenticeship at the company British Petroleum (BP)
Career in the German army: 12 years in the German army. Trained as an explosive ordnance disposal platoon leader.
Foreign assignments in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo.

After my military service, I continued to work in explosive ordnance disposal for many years as a technical operations manager and project manager in Germany, Angola, Namibia and Croatia.

As part of my professional life as an explosive ordnance manager I had in the years 2000-2002 by a mine project as project manager in Croatia, where I also met Anita & Zejlko Radic, a breeder from the famous Dalmatian kennel "Lacrima Christi Dalmatians". Very pleased with this wonderful incomparable race, I decided to take the Dalmatian male "Lacrima Christi Calypso" (called Calypso) with me. Eight months later came the Dalmatian female "Anja" (called Dalina) to us, because I think it is very important that dogs act in a pack and grow up together. 2003 was my little pack with the Dalmatian bitch "Mochaccino Dalmatian Dream" (called Mocha) and in 2005 by the Dalmatian "Lacrima Christi Cro A Porter" (called Porter) enlarged and in 2009 our pack was enriched by the Dalmatian male "Spotnik`s First Faro for Ormond" (called Farao) from Norway. He was co-owned by the breeder Ms. Helle Hoie (Spotnik’s Dalmatians).

Lacrima Christi Calypso  Anja  Mochaccino Dalmatian Dream  Lacrima Christi Cro A' Porter  Spotnik`s First Faro for Ormond

In 2002 I briefed me fully on the breeding and genetics, and had in Anita and Zeljko Radic excellent advisers who stood to the side and I have always supported me and advised in all breeding matters. In 2004 we had the first litter, the so-called A-litter.

The rise of my kennel name "Christ ORMOND Dalmatians" has a historical and traditional background.
Since all my dogs from the above strain or in conjunction with the Kennel "Lacrima Christi Dalmatians" standing, I could take after consulting with family Radic part of their kennel name, namely the Christi.
The English have the pedigree dog breeding "Dalmatian" crucial pushed forward. In England there is a Castel with the name ORMOND. Thus, our kennel name "Christi ORMOND Dalmatians" This is since 2003 internationally by the FCI protected.

In the autumn of 2005, pioneered a big change in my life. Karola Lange, the breeder Dalmatians "vom Teutoburger Wald" connection with me because they had encountered in finding a suitable stud dog for your bitch "Jameela vom Teutoburger Wald" on my "Porter". Then she wanted to meet Porter in his happy home environment to make sure of its proper essence, she visited me along with her friend Angela Mikus, the breeder Dalmatians "aus dem Leopoldstal". Agreed from the outset "chemistry" between Karola and me, it has developed in the months that followed, a wonderful, unique relationship, so that Karola in Bielefeld / Germany in May 2006 from her home to me moved to Hohne to beautiful Niedersachsen / Germany. So it came about that now "two breeding kennels under one roof" are, namely my "Christ ORMOND Dalmatians" and Karola's Dalmatians "vom Teutoburger Wald".

I was an honorary capacity as regional group leader of regional group north in the Dalmatian • Breeding • Community Germany e.V. (DZGD e.V.) from November 2012 till January 2020. Support of 55 members and 17 kennels. I was 1. Chairman (provisionally) Dalmatian Club (DZGD e.V.) from February 2021 till November 2021, support of 257 members and 83 kennels. I am still honorary capacity as manager of dog exhibitions and I am FCI/VDH special breeding judge and teaching judge for the race Dalmatian. Since February 2023 Judge Chairman Dalmatian Club (DZGD e.V.)

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