In Memoriam Mochaccino Dalmatian Dream

In Memoriam Mochaccino Dalmatian Dream

Mochacchino Dalmatian Dream"Mocha" ... our rock in the surf,
You faithful soul, always clear and incorruptible
Of distinctive character, courageous and straightforward.
You sovereign pack leader, wondrous mother, grandma, great grandmother
With first class educational talents.

"Mocha" You most valuable heartpiece of all "Christi ORMONDs"
You left your indelible marks,
Even if you are now in a different place
… in our hearts,
... in the many, wonderful memories,
... in your many children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren,
In which we find you so incomparably,
You will never really be gone.

As clear, incorruptible and uncompromising as you have faithfully shared your life with us, you showed us that it is time to go ... pain and suffering you should not bear, you did not deserve ... we are together with you this last Gone as you wanted.

We believe in love and gratitude to you, dear "Mocha", you have a firm place in our hearts and will live forever in our thoughts, dreams and also in your many descendants!

Full of deep love, gratitude and sad heart, we bid farewell

Our main breeding bitch "Mochaccino Dalmatian Dream" (called Mocha) in eternal memory... the time had come,
Your eyes said "Please let me go"
We hoped that we will have a little more time with you
I was blessed with you as part of me
I still see you every day in your children ...
We miss you infinitely, you will never be forgotten
We had to let you go, dignified, without pain
We thank you ... you were here, but I carry you forever in me

Rest in peace
Karola, Michael and the pack