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The focus of my Dalmatian breeding is from the Dalmatian region of Croatia - Dalmatia (former Yugoslavia breeds) to get this line as much as possible or to improve it. As a great lover of white - liver dalmatian I put into my breeding the focus of this colour.

In particular, we attach great importance in our Dalmatian breeding on the following:
Family dogs which are powerful and easy in the leadership, free of fear and aggression, genetic health, intelligence, instinct security, vigorous and strong bones, rich and excellent pigment, clean and abundant spots, expressiveness and harmonious overall appearance, with balanced proportions, powerful movement in the right sequence.

To reach the breeding successful, We try always a deliberate and thorough selection of parent animals.

We breed according to the breeding regulations and guidelines of the Association for the German Kennel Club (VDH) and the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI).

Furthermore, we have undergone further examination:

At our request was our kennel "Christ ORMOND Dalmatians" from Veterinary Celle assessed official veterinarian, checked our reliability (detection by providing a police clearance certificate) and expertise, with the result that we meet all the requirements for the state-approved authorization of permission for breeding of dogs in accordance with § 11 of the animal Welfare Act -Germany- are required and give us the permission was granted.

F.C.I. Kennel registration number 178 / 03

We thank you for visting our homepage "Christi ORMOND Dalmatians" we hope that we could convey some information about the breed of dog and our attitude to you for the Dalmatian breeding. If you still have questions to Dalmatian / Breeding, stud dogs, dog training, dog handling, fresh feeding for Dalmatians or other, do not hesitate to avail ourselves.