Dog Training Seminars

Dog Training Seminar: We cordially inviteWe guide since 20. April 2013 Dog Training Seminars. In these Dog Training - Seminars will be discussed recurring issues regarding the management of dogs that understanding between dog and dog owner, the misconduct, the corrective and trust creation. The seminars are conducted in the German language. Thus, you should as participants master the German language. Interested in the Dog Training - Seminars, please use our registration - seminar form or call us personally at: +49 (0) 5083 91 21 03 or +49 (0)152 299 103 60. We advise and inform you at any time very much. We ask for early registration.

The Dog Training - Seminars are conducted once or twice a year from 09.30 - 17.30 clock (including breaks). Consisting of practical training. The seminars are limited to 15 till (20 when in cooperation) participants / teams, based on the grounds that a successful participation can be guaranteed. During the training, individual training is possible for certain processes.

Each participant can receive a certificate of attendance. Every dog ​​should have a dog liability insurance. We welcome dogs of all breeds.

For the seminar, we charge a fee of 85,00 till (150,00 € when in cooperation) per team.Dog Training Seminar: Encounter of two different packs

Teaching content for the dog training seminars

  • Principles of the dog/pack

Security policy

  • Principles of the dog owner

Sense of responsibility
Creating trust and respect
Leash management
Placing non-desired behaviorDog Training Seminar: Removal of the dog out of the vehicle

  • Language of the dog

Facial expressions
Building attitude
Eye position

  • Techniques

Body language
Handling techniques
Use of different tools


Leash management with different leashes and techniques
Fixation between the human and dog
Respect and trust creation
Use of aids to guide the dogs
Techniques for the creation of obedience
Correction of nervousness, insecurity, aggressionDog Training Seminar: The common obedient walk with dogs


Communication behavior between dogs
Cause/correction in the front door area
Focus through body language
Leadership of the dog / pack when walking
Behavior / Correction play and hunting instincts
Course of peace & assertiveness
Lead in cyclists, joggers, pedestrians
Lead in encounter of strange dogs

  • Training objective

Recognize that the dog may not be humanized. Remit and responsibility of the dog owner. Anticipatory guidance of the own dog/pack in everyday field with and without the use of tools. Coalescence (by confidence and certainty) as a team (dog owner and own dog/dogs). Learning the inner peace and certainty. Early detect undesirable behavior and the proper correction.


Mr. Michael Lehmann, Dalmatian breeder, FCI/VDH special breed judge race Dalmatian, certified dog trainer and is currently the most successful German Dalmatian Dog Handler.
Mrs. Nadine Hase, certified dog trainer and nutritional counselor.


There were several occasions Dog Training - Seminars, which I have as a consultant and training manager acts carried out successfully [click here]

Training method

Nature (with and without equipment), appropriate to the species, on wolf and dog basis.

Requirements for Foreigners

Anyone who has joy and fun to lead his dog humanely. The seminars are conducted in the German language. To enter in these seminars, you need to knowing the German language.