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Visit our kennel and puppies handover

Christi ORMOND L - litter & X - litter vom Teutoburger Wald

Christi ORMOND N - litter (LUA) 8th week of life

Our litter meeting 2015

Dogs - A Healthy Future

When you buy a puppy from the bargain counter ...

Presentation of the race "Dalmatian"

Our stud dogs & offspring

"Christi ORMOND Exacting Empire" Wels-Austria 2011

"Christi ORMOND Giant Vogue" Dortmund - Germany 2012

"Christi ORMOND Giant Vogue" Salzburg-Austria 2012

Show video Hannover - Germany 2014

"Christi ORMOND Coppola" Pritzhagen 2012

Show video Colmar - France 2014

Offspring male "Obonya's Pride Bright Giant Blues"

"Christi ORMOND Exquisite Selection" Strausberg - Germany 2014

"Christi ORMOND Coppola" Strausberg - Germany 2014

World Dog Show 2017

Offspring female "Obonya's Pride Anna - Ariella"

Presentation stud dogs

Stud dog "Christi ORMOND Jar of Joy"

Stud dog "Christi ORMOND Highly Diamond Fuji"

Stud dog "Christi ORMOND Intelligent Solution"

Stud dog "Christi ORMOND Magic Moon"

Stud dog "Christi ORMOND Raise me Up"

Stud dog "Christi ORMOND Coppola"

Stud dog "Spotnik's First Farao For Ormond"

Stud dog "Christi ORMOND Exquisite Selection"

Presentation breeding bitches

Breeding bitch "Mochaccino Dalmatian Dream"

Breeding bitch "Christi ORMOND First Fairytale"

Breeding bitch "Christi ORMOND Incredible Fairyland"

Breeding bitch "Christi ORMOND Now and Forever"

Breeding bitch "Christi ORMOND Incognito Celebrity"

Breeding bitch "Christi ORMOND Journey To Adventure"

Breeding bitch "Dalmatian Dream for ORMOND vom Teutoburger Wald"

Breeding Bitch "Christi ORMOND Mint Chocolate"

Dog Handling - Dog Training Seminars

Our Dog Handling Seminars