Dog Handling 13. Seminar Premium

Seminar date: 

Saturday, 10. September 2016 - 9:30 to 17:00

Course fee: 

45,00 €





The ORMOND team conducted on 10. September 2016 the 13. Dog Handling - Seminar (Premium) successfully in 2016 through to the wonderful training grounds Dog Sport Club DVG Schöningen e.V. in Königslutter. The 15 participants were highly motivated and completed with full success in good weather conditions the Dog Handling - Seminar. We thank the participants and the "Dog Sport Club DVG Schöningen e.V." - where we carried out the theoretical and the part - for the excellent cooperation, because only then the learning goal can be achieved. Special thanks to the family Winter for their great support.


  • Theoretical training part 1

Experience Dog Handler
Joint Evaluation - Dog Handling Film Screening

  • Practical training Part 1

Automation of Doghandlings
Dog handling based on video recordings
Professional Dog Handling
Mastery of the processes in the show ring and the main ring

  • Theoretical training part 2

Evaluation of the Show processes from the practical training part 1 of video recordings

  • Training objective

Participants are assessed on the basis of video recordings to their dog handling itself. Focus, security and automation obtain the Doghandling.

Photo Impressions: 

Comply exercises in the show ring, spacing & placing of dogs, with video recording

Here are some photo impressions of the 13. Dog Handling Seminar Premium. The Dog Handling Seminars once or twice a year performed in the period from 09.30 - 17.00 clock. Consisting of theoretical and practical training. The seminar is limited to 15 participants, based on the grounds that a successful participation can be guaranteed. During the training, individual training is possible for certain processes. Each participant will receive a certificate of attendance. Every dog ​​should have a dog liability insurance. We welcome dogs of all breeds.

Here are some photo impressions (gallery). Please click on the photo.