Dog Handling 3. Seminar Premium

Seminar date: 

Sunday, 15. April 2007 - 9:30 to 17:00

Course fee: 

0,00 €





1. Premium Ring Training 15. April 2007 Leopoldstal

Even experienced users should become familiar with this premium training the Doghandling at a high level. Scale is intended here to the "competition at international dog shows at home and abroad," says the goal was this the first time carried out special training.

On 1. Premium ring training also did 8 thirsty and well humored participants had gathered for.

Participants (inside) and Dalmi team: Tamara Heise, Bettina May, Silke Simon, Angela Mikus, Ada trade, Brunhilde Coors, Bertl May, Michael Lehmann, Karola Lange, Kirsten Scharrelmann, Anastasia Eichholz, Nicola Jantzen

They all have already some experience in Doghandling and had also attended at least one previous ring training in Leopoldstal.

In bright sunshine it started already at 9 clock. Angela Mikus had her living room made ​​available so that we could carry out our Brain Storming undisturbed in the first hour (the cottage flower garden was largely occupied because of the extraordinary beautiful weather with holiday guests).

Everyone was able to contribute to match personal experiences and events of past exhibitions. Michael Lehmann and Karola Lange had also prepared some video clips so that the participants could on the basis of negative - and positive - illustrated examples (associated with much laughter) clearly identify what is (and what) arrives in the ring.

At the end of warm-up time, all participants agree: Less good Ausstellungserbegnisse or reviews have nothing to do with the current referee, but basically only with one's own mood, form and preparation, and of course with the form on the day of our dogs, as well as the do not always have their best day.

After a short break, the pure practice was announced from then. On the large meadow from the cottage garden flowers, a ring was marked out, which was purposely failed a little more modest in its size, in order to clarify the often equally modest space in the ring at international dog shows .

All exhibition procedures were practiced intense and concentrated, with Michael Lehmann and Bettina May could take enough time for each team due to the limited number of participants from the very beginning:

  • Break- in ring
  • Setting up and presenting the dog
  • Perfect setting up in front of the judge with respect to the anatomy
  • Presentation for the final
  • Professional preparation for placement

While the well-deserved lunch break all still opportunity that sweet six weeks young polka dot baby by Angela Mikus C-litter had to cuddle and press Lewana vom Teutoburger Wald as a proud and loving mom.

After that there is a serious workout was back in fashion, this time with video recordings of all teams by camera Karola Lange:

To increase the degree of difficulty in this case also all had the dog another participant optimally present in the ring - a not to be underestimated task that requires a lot of empathy and skill. All part Ehmer interior took great pains and went this rather difficult task full attention - and they have passed with flying colors . The use of video camera was, after all, also incorruptible and merciless. When later viewing and discussing the recordings possibly weaknesses and smallest discrepancies were clearly visible, as well as just the distinct strengths of each team.

At the end of the day, all 8 teams in the handler competition could measure each other - as it did last for the B - training. It is not the dogs but the handlers of Michael Lehmann and Karola Lange were evaluated.

I was above all the security shown by all participants, even enthusiastic professionalism - especially when you consider that some of the participants more or less rat and helpless, some for the first time were ever in their lives, at a dog show in the ring a few months ago. It was just incredible how invariably confident and self-assured the magnificent Dalmatian were presented.

It is at this point, I want to thank our participants and the training team with Michael Lehmann, Bettina May, Jens Böhme and Marco Schadegg make a great compliment. They all have proven that with a coherent concept and the right people in a short time an incredible amount is reached, for the benefit of our wonderful dogs and to the delight of their owners.

At the end of the competition once again it was really exciting, especially when it came to places 1-3 in the final. As so often at shows too, were finally jump while running crucial for the placements. Congratulations to our four winners , the beautiful trophies were handed over for their great performances that had been donated by Marco Schadegg:

  1. 1. Place: Tamara Heise mit Esprit Fleur von Buldern
  2. 2. Place: Silke Simon mit Danm Right vom Emsbachtal
  3. 3. Place: Angela Mikus mit Lewana vom Teutoburger Wald
  4. 4. Place: Ada Handel mit Latoya vom Teutoburger Wald

With this third stage of Dalmi developed by the team Leopoldstal ring training has now also closed the circle of our overall concept (A Training For Beginners, B- training for advanced and premium training for experienced exhibitors).

I thank you on behalf of Dalmi teams Leopoldstal wholeheartedly with all participants for your enthusiasm and joy that they have shown in the premium ring training. We wish you all much joy and many wonderful success with their Dalmatians - we will surely see us often and look forward.

Our team of trainers with Michael Lehmann, Bettina May, Jens Böhme and Marco Schadegg I congratulate you on the great services to which you have led our participants and thank you sincerely for the amount of time and effort that you have sacrificed for it, and last but not least: our thanks go particularly well Karola Lange, who has supported us always behind the scenes and as a camera woman, and of course Angela Mikus, which we have always provided free premises and the great terrain available and supplied with food and drink to has .
"God bless you all!"

Conclusion: Obviously in the first place is one of great and lasting successes show a healthy, anatomically correct Dalmatians who can convince with his friendly character - and, ideally, also has the fun of it. But the dogs need to be well prepared and just want to be done correctly by Doghandlern who know how and what it is.

So ultimately, fun and joy come when we will present our magnificent Dalmatian in the ring, and that is the concern of Dalmi team Leopoldstal.

Text Owner: Irimbert May