In Memoriam Lacrima Christi Cro A Porter

In Memoriam Lacrima Christi Cro A Porter

The course

Lacrima Christi Cro A Porter"Lacrima Christi Cro A Porter"
(called Porter)

Thursday, 08/04/2011
... morning the world was in order! Our beloved "Porter" raged happily with his son, "Coppola" through the garden, with joy, just a normal morning, cheerful and happy. ... then a little nap in the dog room. A few hours later had "Porter" vomit terribly and suddenly had severe diarrhea, writhing as if he had stomach ache. That afternoon we drove to our vet, who gave him a syringe relexant, because we suspected that had "Porter" on the walk probably eaten something indigestible for him.

Friday, 08/05/2011
Our "Porter" was  still not better. Although he no longer vomited and it was also recorded no diarrhea, but he obviously felt very uncomfortable about it - absolutely nottypical for him - touch no food at all. Immediately, we are driven back to the vet, who administered him an antibiotic wait for it was said that there now would have to occur within 24 hours of an improvement.

Saturday, 08/06/2011
"Porter" still feels uncomfortable, he just want to enjoy sleeping on his favorite sofa, touch not the food, however, and runs around and marked in the garden. So back to the vet, than "Porter" yet another antibiotic administered, especially for the stomach and intestines. Now would occur no later than Monday, a clear improvement.

Sunday, 08/07/2011
"Porter", it goes to night neither better or worse, his condition is unchanged, he did not eat anything, but drinking well, sleeps a lot now and just make a garden tour for "his territory" mark. It makes us very thoughtful, something's wrong here and we decide on same Monday morning to go to the vet again and make us familiar with the sad thoughts that  "Porti" must go for a deeper investigation into the animal hospital.

Lacrima Christi Cro A PorterMonday, 08/08/2011
Monday morning, 6.30 clock, my wife Karola has to work. She looks in the morning after our "Porti" to see how he is. He is not on his beloved dog bed, but on the floor, completely uncharacteristic of him. Karola cuddled himand noticed that "Porti" feels very cold, tells me rightaway. Telephone consultation withour veterinarian, who refers us directly to the animal hospital.

Arrived at the clinic is established that "Porter" has 2 degrees lower temperature and it's very poor. He is placed under the heatlamp and get adrip to stabilize the circuit. They have taken his blood.

Tuesday, 09/08/2011
Telephone call to the clinic. "Porti" has stabilized circulation and moderate the body temperature is normal again. However, he still wants to eat anything that is already the 6th Day. All organs were X-rayed, nothing found, however, showed that high blood inflammatory markers, suggesting a strong bacterial infection, he gets yet another antibiotic.

Wednesday, 10/08/2011
Our "Porti" is it still bad, but is circulation and temperature stabilized by the infusions, but the doctors can not explain why no antibiotic / cortisone effect shows and ask us for permission to "open him" may be able to see whether they can find anything inside. We give our consent for the operation.

Lacrima Christi Cro A PorterThursday, 11/08/2011
Our "Porti" being anesthetized. Even before doctors can start the scalpel, his circulatory failure, immediate discontinuation, a revival measures ... Thanks be to God great success... we have our "Porti" back into our world ... we hope and pray.

Back on a drip (infusion), now is already the 8th Day without eating and change. Another experiment with adifferent antibiotic / cortisone. "Porti" playing with the nurses, with its incomparable charm, all have sooo loved him so much and wish for us that we can some how help him.

Friday, 08/12/2011
Still no change. Again, blood samples and urine drawn off issent to the laboratory to create cultures, in the hopes of finally finding the right antibiotic to help that we can treasure. hope and wait for the results.... "Porti" Fight! Hang in there and be strong!

Saturday, 13/08/2011
"Porti" goes a little better, he has even the first time in nine days, the loving nurse a little wet food eaten out of hand. We are happy! ... he eats! That can only mean good ... we hope and pray! We agree with the clinic that they give us notice by telephone, despite the weekend, when something occurs. We wait in hope for the lab results to come on Monday.

The big fate blow

Lacrima Christi Cro A PorterSunday,08/14/2011
... Thank God, the phone remains silent ... all day! ... but then 18.00 clock is ringing, we see the number, it is the hospital ... we tremble dare us not to take up the phone... it uses nothing, we know, the call does not bode well. The doctor himself is on the phone, she's crying ... oh god. She tells us tearfully that our dearest treasure is getting worse since about 13.00 clock, very rapidly.

In spite of the heat lamp body temperature drops, despite dropping the circuit no longer be kept stable ...threaten the kidneys to fail ... "Porti" is just apathetic in his crib, no longer registered with its environment. The doctor makes us no hope and asks us to be able to redeem him. ... he should not suffer, under tears we let him go, where he is better - wherever that may be - we can not realize that our "lucky charm", without which we would have never been found and lost the fight and now is no longer with us ... our hearts ache so much and met agreat void ALL.

Monday, 08/15/2011
We bring our "Porti" home in our garden - surrounded by us, his comrades and our beloved pack again and again there happily playing puppy - he will find his eternal resting place. ... it is a sad and hardly way, we loved him so much of our incomparable "Porti". ... now he sleeps and is always near us will always be in our hearts ... UNFORGETTABLE; INCOMPARABLE and IRREPLACEABLE!!!

Dear Porti, we will meet again in another beautiful place. Porti, do it well, rest in silence. In everlasting love, your pack .....