Photo Impressions of 3rd week Christi ORMOND V - Litter

Photo Impressions of 3rd week Christi ORMOND V - Litter

In the third week of our "Christi ORMOND V - Litter" a lot has happened, now it is so slow really interesting and it is a joy to watch the puppies play and explore. The eyes have now fully open, the spotting already seems clear by. The first visitors have enjoyed with great curiosity. Our puppies are now already outside the litter box very active, are increasingly contact us and her siblings and give small bark sounds. It puts us over and over again in great astonishment, how much primal instinct is in our mother bitches and we are pursuing with enthusiasm to live out this vital task, life-sustaining primal instincts that are breeding so valuable. Enjoy the photo impressions of our little 14 puppies with the proud mama.

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Here are some photo impressions from the 3rd week of life (gallery). Please click on the photo.

Photo Impressions: 

Christi ORMOND Now and Forever with her Christi ORMOND V - Litter 3rd week of life