Photo Impressions of 6th week Christi ORMOND Y - Litter

 Photo Impressions of 6th week Christi ORMOND Y - Litter

Now already the sixth week of life, from our "Christi ORMOND Y - Litter" is finished. Our very healthy puppies have all our expectations even exceeded and developed magnificently the essence, body and exterior, we thank the wonderful parents, father "Insomnium Blood Diamond" (genannt Neo) and mother "Christi ORMOND Real Diamond" (called Deany). At this point I would like to thank Ms. Julia Charlow (owner of Christi ORMOND Real Diamond), Mr. Martin Forbes and Ms. Sandra Stolte for the very successful name suggestions!! The puppies are very calm, confident, balanced, cheerful and curious. We are thoroughly pleased with this very successful litter!

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Here are some photo impressions from the 6th week of life (gallery). Please click on the photo.

Photo Impressions: 

Christi ORMOND Year after Year, female | colour white - black (collar yellow) and Christi ORMOND Yellow Diamond, female | colour white - black (collar red)