Photo Impressions of 8th week Christi ORMOND V - Litter

Photo Impressions of 8th week Christi ORMOND V - Litter

The eventful eighth week of our 14 puppies is now complete. The litter control was carried out to their fullest satisfaction through a recognized, trained breed warden of Dalmatians Community Germany, all puppies have been certified the best care condition. The appearance of our wonderful brood bitch "Christi ORMOND Now and Forever" (called Rose), as well as our kennel is rated "Excellent". The vaccination have received our little puppies also, in the course of which all have been thoroughly examined by our highly esteemed vet and certify the best of health, so our "Christi ORMOND V - Litter" now is ready to enrich their new families and so slow gradually to "pack their suitcases". We thank the mother "Christi ORMOND Now and Forever (called Rose) and the Father "D-Day vom Teutoburger Wald" (called Hermann) for this fantastic litter!

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Here are some photo impressions from the 8th week of life (gallery). Please click on the photo.

Photo Impressions: 

Mother Christi ORMOND Now and Forever with her Christi ORMOND V - Litter