Breeding Group Christi ORMOND - WORLD DOG SHOW 2017 in Leizpig - Germany

25 offspring dogs from our kennels participated in this mega-event with 295 registered Dalmatians from all over the world. Together with our great team, we have tried our part to contribute to represent Germany worthily.

Michael and I would like to thank you all here again with all of you, you all were so great! You all have done your best, everyone has held together and helped each other, all in a good mood and very focused and you have all shown so great. We were really impressed by your performance and the cordiality among each other - we call this a really great team, we are very, very proud of you, we have goose bumps till now! This is more important than any placement, which is soon forgotten, but all of us together, helpful and dedicated to each other, that you can rely on each other.

And then the grand finale, the 1st place of the Christi ORMOND breeding group! You could not make Michael a more phantastic present, that counts for him more than any world champion title - with this you have give him an immense pleasure, he is so proud of this success!

THANK you all, without you none of this would have been possible!

Show successes of our offspring on the World Dog Showin Leipzig - Germany at 09.11.2017. Congratulations to the owners and thank you very much for the presentation of our offspring! Photo Impressions and show results [click here]