Photo Impressions of 1st week Christi ORMOND V - Litter

Photo Impressions of 1st week Christi ORMOND V - Litter

Now, our "Christi ORMOND V - Litter" completed its first week of life. All puppies have nearly grown doubled their birth weight. Very gently shimmering been through a few small spots, so you can imagine how the spotting will develop.

The 14 little puppies are quite agile in the litter box and are already moving with astonishing speed. Mom "Christi ORMOND Now and Forever" (called Rose) masters her job excellent and enjoys her role as a mother very much.

Since it was "Rose'" first birth, we were very happy that she wears instinctive safety of her ancestors and the whole birthing process completely independently and easily mastered with great calm and sovereignty, just as we are known from our brood bitches. This instinctive certainty is for a breeder of very high value and priceless. Now a few impressions from the first week of life of our "Christi ORMOND V - Litter".

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Here are some photo impressions from the 1st week of life (gallery). Please click on the photo.

Photo Impressions: 

Christi ORMOND Now and Forever with her Christi ORMOND V - Litter 1st week of life